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learn about what I do, who I am, and why I'm here

Tracy and books

How I Edit

My foremost goal as an editor is to help you bring your work to its full potential while carefully maintaining your voice.

Editing your own work is hard! Being edited is possibly harder! My editing style is warm, encouraging, and constructive. I aim to not only bring clarity to your work but also help you see how you can build on your strengths.

I'm a creator like you—I understand what it’s like to love a craft, but maybe not relish every task necessary to reach excellence in the final product. I’m here to help. I can help smooth and elevate your work and take the burden of finishing touches off of you so you can boldly focus on creating.

What I Edit

I work across genres including fiction and nonfiction (adult, new adult, young adult, middle grade). These are my areas of focus:

Commercial and Literary Fiction

  • general

  • suspense/thriller

  • action

  • adventure

  • romance

  • crime

  • comedy/humor

  • women’s fiction

Speculative Fiction

  • fantasy

  • supernatural

  • paranormal

  • soft sci-fi

  • magic realism

  • dystopian/utopian

  • apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic


  • informational

  • self-help

  • inspirational

  • comedy/humor

  • history

  • travel

  • web content (e.g., website content, blogs, social media)

How I'm Legit

I hold editing certificates with UC Berkeley Extension and Black Hills State University. I continually seek education in editing and publishing. I was head of my class at UC Berkeley Extension and earned a scholarship for my final term. I was subsequently featured on the Berkeley Voices Blog. See the article here:

I am also a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Tracy Close-up

Why I'm Here

There’s a fair chance that you’ve happened upon me as I happened upon an editing career.


I have loved language for as long as I can remember. This was instilled in me at a young age, and I’m excited to have been able to grow that love and pass it on to my children as well.

After my young daughter wrote her second novella, I started hunting for direction on having her work published. That’s when I discovered the importance of hiring a good editor, and my eyes were opened to the possibility of an editing career for myself. Ultimately I sought and obtained the professional training I needed so that I could confidently deliver excellence in my services.

Not only am I an editor, I’m also a person. When I’m not editing, I spend my time playing and writing music, learning useful and useless things, creating art, and baking sweets. I live in Wyoming, US, with my beautiful family.

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