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a deep dive into the big-picture elements of your work

You’ve finished writing your first or second draft, or your book is nearly complete, but you need some help ironing out the remaining parts. Or your beta readers have alerted you to issues in the work that you’re not sure how to tackle. Now is a great time to look into a developmental edit (also see manuscript evaluation). If you haven’t had your manuscript worked through page by page by someone other than yourself, this service is strongly recommended to elevate your work.

A developmental edit is a deep dive into the core elements of your manuscript. Your work will be carefully assessed, page by page, in the areas listed below. This substantive edit provides you with a detailed report outlining strengths and weaknesses in the work and suggestions and options for improvements. This service also includes in-line comments and suggestions in your manuscript.

A developmental edit focuses on the following areas:

  • Plot

  • Structure

  • Organization

  • Timeline and chronology

  • Pacing

  • Tone

  • Mood

  • Point of view

  • Character development

  • Dialogue

  • Tension

You want how much!?

Starts at .03 cents per word

    Example: 50,000 words x .03 = starts at $1500

Your price will be determined based on your manuscript.

Note that if we team up for a developmental edit, you will receive a discount on a copyedit/line edit.



You will receive the following:

  • Your manuscript, heavily marked with comments containing detailed suggestions on how to improve specific passages. Changes may be suggested and ideas may be drafted for you.

  • An extensive editorial report addressing the strengths and weaknesses regarding the areas listed above. This report includes suggestions and options for improvements and will cite specific examples so that you can confidently move forward with revisions.

This service includes one round of developmental editing. If you feel that further rounds are needed, they can be added at an additional cost (extra rounds are priced at a lower rate).

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