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how a manuscript evaluation works

1. Manuscript

Once we've ironed out the schedule and contract (see The Business Stuff for details) and I've received your deposit, I'll be watching for your manuscript. Preferred method is through email, but we can also discuss other options (e.g., Google Drive, Dropbox).

2. Analysis

I begin the manuscript evaluation process by reading your manuscript in entirety through the eyes of a reader. This gives me an overview of the entire work before I jump into editing. During this readthrough, I take notes from a reader’s point of view to refer back to as I work through the rest of the process.

Then comes the part where I live and breathe your manuscript. This is the reflection stage of a manuscript assessment. I take time to mull over your work, taking into consideration plot, structure, flow, pacing, point of view, characterization, and tone. (See the services section for more details on what a manuscript critique focuses on.)

After the reflection stage, I dive into your manuscript, making light notes in your document using Word’s comments feature.

3. Editorial Memo

You will receive a detailed editorial memo outlining the strengths and weaknesses in the manuscript with suggestions for changes or improvements. This document varies in length depending on the manuscript but is typically 4-10 pages long.

4. Deliverables

When the work is complete, I will send you the editorial memo and your manuscript lightly marked with my comments.

5. Your Revision

To be frank, this part can sometimes be painful. But it’s also where huge growth can occur. You will read through the editorial memo and the marked-up manuscript and consider my suggestions for revision. As you revise, you’re welcome to ask occasional questions over email. A small amount of time is factored in for these follow-up questions, but we can discuss options if more time is needed.

6. Moving On

With your revisions complete, your manuscript is now ready to move on to the next stage in editing: line editing or copyediting. If you would like to continue as a team on the project, you will receive a discount on the line edit/copyedit.

Ready to move forward?

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