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the business stuff - how payment and scheduling works

1. Sample Edit

Are we a good fit? I will edit a sample of your work (500-1000 words). This helps to not only determine the appropriate level of edit and time required but also clarifies for both of us whether we will be a good team. (This is a bit tricky for a developmental edit or a manuscript evaluation, but I do need to see your manuscript to be able to give you a quote.)

2. Quote

When I return your sample edit, I will also send you a quote for the project cost.

3. Schedule

If you like the sample edit and would like to work with me, we’ll schedule a time slot that works for both of us.

4. Contract

Once we’ve agreed on cost/time, I will send you a contract outlining terms that protect both your interests and mine.

5. First Payment

After our contract is signed, I will invoice you for a deposit of 50% of the project cost. Once this payment is received, editing work may begin, according to our agreed-upon schedule.

6. Final Payment

When the work is nearly complete, I will send you an invoice for the final 50% of the project cost. On the final day of our scheduled time slot, and once I receive your payment, I will return your edited manuscript. Yeah!

7. Receipt

After each payment, I will send you a receipt. Remember that if you are an independent author, editing fees are tax deductible.

Ready to move forward?

Okay, but what about the editing part?

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